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Visual Content Creation

Most of the time, the eye is the a potential customer’s first point of contact with a new brand or service. The importance of amazing and impactful visuals when making that first impression can’t be overstated. I’m your one-stop shop for stunning, modern, and persuasive visual resources that are all produced in-house, including: Flyers, Posters, … Continue reading Visual Content Creation

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Audio & Voice Over

A highly effective way to bring an idea, product, brand, or story to life is over the endless soundwave sea; a tradional advertising domain that is rapidly regaining its former glory. I can offer your corporate explainer-video, online course, novel, or audio commercial a clear, accentless female voice in in American English and Generic Latin … Continue reading Audio & Voice Over

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Copywriting & Translation

Writing compelling copy that really resonates with readers is part art and part research. Both parts of the puzzle are equally important in order find and truly hone your brand’s “voice” and ensure that it can carry a productive and engaging conversation with your clients, particularly when it needs to happen in more than one … Continue reading Copywriting & Translation

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Marketing Consulting

A fresh, third-party perspective is often all it takes to objectively identify the many potential opportunities and pitfalls of different action tracks. My consulting services include: Company naming Brand design Marketing Plans Digital media strategic advisement Localization, Translation, and Cultural Know-How