Adventures in Copywriting

Hello folks! So I’m finally coming up for air after being buried in work (sometimes literally) for weeks on end. But the type of work I’m getting called back to do is a bit surprising even to me, a hopeless overanalyzer.

See, I’ve been writing. A lot. And where I used to get called in to do factual, no-frills translations, transcriptions, or copywriting projects for companies with a…let’s call it a protective stance as far as their corporate image was concerned, now I’m getting contacted by the types of people I had only dreamed I could write for: comedians, authors, commercial directors, show producers, and children’s publishers.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am not ashamed to say that I am on cloud 9 (and 10, 11, AND 12!) because I can finally give all those zany, previously unmentionable idea-babies a good home and bestow upon them a new life in someone else’s project or production. It beats having the poor things slowly fade away into obscurity or viciously haunt my dreams like the ghosts of good ideas naught to come. And believe me, they do do that!

It feels good, man. And now that I’ve caught my breath, I can’t wait to dive back into it some more. Wish me luck!

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